Location and size

The county of Bayreuth is located in the northeastern part of Bavaria half way between Munich and Berlin, Nuremberg and Leipzig, Frankfurt and Prague (capital of Czech Republic).

With 1.274 m² it is the biggest county in Oberfranken. Centre of the region is the university city of Bayreuth with 74.000 inhabitants. The county of Bayreuth has almost 110.000 inhabitants. Between the last twenty years more than 13.000 people came to live in the county – an evidence for the high standard of living in the region of Bayreuth.

Traffic connection

The highways A 9 and A 70 and the interstate road B 303 ensure, that the connection to the other European centres are excellent. There is an intensive discussion about the connection from the A 9 to the Czech border. A powerful railway connection is disposed. The international airport of Nuremberg is only 80 km apart. Businessmen can use smaller airports in Hof and Bayreuth, too.

Industry and handicraft form an economic base

In 75 firms, each with 20 or more employees are 7.200 employees working. Main branches of business are mechanical engineering, metalworkings, and glass and ceramics creation. Additionally the handwork with its multilateral and balanced branches in about 1.500 firms is one of the most important areas of economy in the county of Bayreuth. The university centre of competence of new materials, the qualifying centre, the technology centre, the forum of innovation, the Chamber of Commerce creation centre and the centre for technical education and training of the chamber of handicrafts offer excellent conditions to the firms in the county of Bayreuth. For the establishing of firms the county works hand in hand with its towns and villages. Altogether there are 170 hectares of area in 22 town or villages. The price structure is very different: it spreads from 15 € up to 70 € per square meter (plus development).

Service and tourism are increasing

The third pillar with increasing importance is the sector of service and specially tourism in the county. Altogether there are 10.000 beds available (commercial or private). The tourist regions Fichtelgebirge and Franconian Switzerland registered almost 2 million overnights stays and approximately 10 million people who visited the region (for one) day. In case of buying the new RegioCard “Fichtelgebirge/Westböhmische Bäder” there are many possibilities to get free access or a reduced price for more than 80 offers (in those tourist regions).

Spezial attractions

There are a lot of cultural offers and attractions. Special attractions are:

  • Lake „Fichtel“ next to Fichtelberg
  • two cable pulleys at Mount „Ochsenkopf“ – north and south
  • toboggan (summer run)
  • two collieries in Fichtelberg and Goldkronach
  • open-air museum and information centre at the “wildlife-park Fichtelgebirge”
  • rebuild farm at Grassemann next to Warmensteinach (a museum)
  • „Hot springs Obernsees“ at Mistelgau
  • Cave „Sophien“ at Ahorntal
  • Cave „Devil” at Pottenstein
  • „Castle of Fantaisie“ which has a garden that shows the history of gardens
  • „Museum of Franconian Switzerland“ at Tüchersfeld (near Pottenstein)

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